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Save money and have a healthier lawn and plants

Ignoring regular irrigation system maintenance can easily backfire. Leaking pipes and valves, clogged nozzles, sunken heads, pressure problems, over spraying and other issues can mean increased water bills, brown grass spots and sick plants.


Rely on the professionals at Aqua Masters Tucson to inspect your system at least once a year. We'll spot potential problems before costly repairs need to be performed and help you minimize your utility bills. Of course, you'll also enjoy healthier plants and a greener lawn, too!

Our complete services

We'll check all of your system components for potential problems:

• Controllers

• Electric valves

• Spray heads and rotors

• Wire connections

• Drip emitters

• Mainline and zone lines

• Backup batteries


Are you tired of soggy newspapers or getting sprayed when you're getting out of your car?  Our simple timer programming adjustment will take care of that.

Scheduling with ease

Hiring Aqua Masters Tucson for residential or commercial service is easy. Simply call 520-314-4054, send an email, or fill out our online service request.


We'll do our best to schedule appointments at your convenience.


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